López Obrador and the new development plan. López Obrador and the new development plan.

Government’s 6-year development plan targets eradication of poverty

More job opportunities, improved security will put an end to emigration

The federal government plans to reduce unemployment to a minimum, increase purchasing power for most, put an end to emigration and eradicate poverty for 25 million people through the national development plan for 2019-2014 that was released this week.

President López Obrador said yesterday that the plan does not cater to the whims of international financial institutions or foreign governments. Instead, it responds to actual conditions in Mexico and will emphasize social development and well-being.

He compared the central aims of the new plan, which seeks to target corruption, lack of development, shortage of jobs and social well-being, with the previous government’s focus on structural reforms in the energy, labor, finance and education sectors. That administration, López Obrador declared, was not in touch with the real problems that plague the nation.

The president highlighted an initiative in the new plan to create employment programs and scholarships to meet the demand for young people seeking employment and create a more able and specialized workforce.

He said that by the end of his term, young people will not miss the opportunity to earn a university degree for lack of space, and that citizens will no longer be condemned to unemployment, underemployment or working in the informal economy.

He also predicted that expanded employment opportunities and decreased insecurity throughout the nation will put an end to emigration by 2024.

He pointed out that during the past 36 years there had been sustained decline, but the new plan will result in benefits such as a 20% increase in average purchasing power, a stronger domestic market and a fairer distribution of wealth.

“No one will go hungry. Extreme poverty will have been eliminated, and no one will lack access to medical services and medicine, and retirees will receive just pensions and will be able to live without material hardship.”

The president said that it was particularly important to implement strategies that prevent poverty from being passed on from one generation to the next and to eliminate the historical discrimination that has constantly belittled many Mexicans’ fundamental rights.

López Obrador observed that for the first time in recent history the national development plan contains the word “corruption,” described as the chief problem facing Mexico.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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