Deputy Saúl Huerta is now facing a second accusation. Deputy Saúl Huerta is now facing a second accusation.

President speaks out in sexual abuse case, supports investigation

A Morena party leader had said that the accusation against a lawmaker was private and not related to his work

President López Obrador has spoken out on a sexual abuse case involving a Morena party lawmaker, something he has been reluctant to do in other recent accusations against members of his party.

The president said victims should present their claims for investigation in response to questions about a federal deputy who was accused of drugging and assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

Saúl Huerta was arrested for the alleged assault but released through his immunity as a lawmaker. The boy, who worked for Huerta, said the deputy assaulted him this week in a Mexico City hotel room. The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office said it would seek to have the immunity removed if there was sufficient evidence.

Huerta said he is an innocent victim of an extortion attempt.

President López Obrador had previously remained quiet when lawmakers in his party, including two gubernatorial candidates, were accused of sexual assault. When specifically asked about the allegations against Huerta, the president said he condemned sexual abuse and the affected parties should present their complaints to authorities for investigation.

Carolina Beauregard, the opposition candidate for Huerta’s seat in Congress in the June 6 elections, said the full weight of the law should be applied if Huerta is found guilty.

The president’s statement comes after Ignacio Mier Velasco, the legislative leader of Morena in the lower house, said the alleged assault occurred in the lawmaker’s “private life” and was not related to his legislative work, a comment that triggered a public outcry. Mier later stated on Twitter that he rejected any attack on a minor.

As a result of the accusations, Huerta withdrew his candidacy for reelection.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Mexico City said another accusation was made against Huerta on Friday. A 20-year-old man says he was sexually assaulted by him three years ago in San Francisco Totimehuacan, Puebla.

Source: Reuters

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