The funeral for a León police officer killed by a man who had been jailed 47 times.

Retail drug trade fuels inter-gang warfare in León, Guanajuato

In the first two weeks of August there were 28 homicides

Inter-gang warfare over the drug trade is causing an increase in violence in the city of León, Guanajuato, where 28 people were killed in the first two weeks of August.

According to León Public Security Secretary Mario Bravo Arrona, several bodies have been found accompanied by messages from criminal gangs.

“It’s a problem related to drug addiction and the cartels who are trying to take control of the plaza.”

Bravo did not say how many gangs are involved in the conflict.

He added that most of the victims have criminal records, and many had been released from jail because of lax policies.

“. . . many of them are arrested one day and released the next day, and it’s all because of drugs,” he said.

A man arrested last week in the murder of a León police officer had been jailed and freed at least 47 times prior to his most recent arrest.

León councilor Christian Cruz Villegas said the municipal government is taking measures to reduce violence and improve security.

“I can say that we are demanding better patrols, better diligence, and fast results,” he said. “And . . . we’re working on improving coordination with state and federal agencies.”

Cruz noted that León is an attractive territory for criminal groups, but authorities will fight to prevent gangs from taking over the city.

“We understand that they are fighting for territories in León, which they see as a fertile city for their illegal businesses,” he said. “But we’re fighting them, and these unfortunate incidents will make us double down on our efforts.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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