Saturday, December 2, 2023

Russians, Mexicans join Ukrainians in protest march against invasion

Ukrainians marched in Mexico City against Russia’s invasion of their homeland on Sunday, joined by Russian and Mexican supporters.

About 400 people marched with a 30-meter Ukrainian flag from the Monument to the Revolution to the Angel of Independence along Reforma Avenue.

The protesters held signs bearing messages such as “Ukraine is invincible,” and “Putin, crazy murderer. Get out of Ukraine!” in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Images were shown comparing Putin to the German Nazi leader from the Second World War, Adolf Hitler.

Ukraine has asked the NATO military alliance to install a no-fly zone above its skies to limit Russia’s aerial advantage. March organizer Nataliia Bondarchuk repeated the demand. “Support us to create the no fly zone, so that our allies in the world help us protect our sky so that [Russia] is not harming civilians,” she said.

“The Ukrainians want peace. The cause of all this horror that our families and friends suffer is the crazy man,” one of the protesters said of Putin.

A Russian called María, who requested anonymity, said that nationalities were irrelevant when faced with violence. “It’s a crime against Ukrainians, against Russians, against humanity. I don’t know what happened to this person,” she said of Putin.

María added that propaganda in Russia claims that Putin is saving the world through the invasion.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico, Oksana Dramarétska, demanded a stronger position from the Mexican government on the Russian invasion.

Dramarétska said Ukraine was facing attacks not seen since the Second World War and demanded Russia be internationally isolated.

Mexico has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but has not imposed any sanctions. President López Obrador said on Friday that the country will not send arms to Ukraine as lawmakers from the eastern European nation requested.

López Obrador added that Mexico would offer refuge to both Ukrainians and Russians, and that Mexicans in Ukraine and Russia are being assisted by the government.

With reports from Expansión Política and Reforma

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