Sandoval presents government's new salaries portal. Sandoval presents government's new salaries portal.

Salaries of civil servants and teachers have been published online

List contains the names and earnings of more than three million people

The salaries of around 3.4 million civil servants are now publicly accessible on a government website, the secretary of public administration announced today.

Irma Sandoval Ballesteros said that the earnings of 1.4 million employees of 290 federal departments as well as those of almost two million teachers can be consulted on the Portal Nómina Transparente (Transparent Payroll Portal).

The secretary explained that information on the site will be updated after each bimonthly pay cycle to ensure that the salaries of new appointments to government positions are available.

People curious to see how much a friend, family member, colleague or indeed anyone in the public service makes can simply enter their name into a search engine on the portal to find out.

Sandoval said that the site contains 10 or 11 times more information than that available on the portal of the National Institute for Transparency and Access to Information (Inai).

Although she is no longer employed by the government, the salary earned by Yalitza Aparicio – star of the Oscar-winning film Roma – when she was a teacher in Oaxaca was revealed on the government portal, the newspaper El Financiero reported, although it now appears to have been removed.

The indigenous actress earned a monthly salary of 10,481 pesos (US $555) as a preschool teacher in the town of Tlaxiaco, around one-tenth of President López Obrador’s net salary of 108,305 pesos (US $5,735).

Anyone interested in finding out how much the foreign secretary, the Pemex chief, or their child’s teacher earns can consult the payroll portal by clicking here.

Source: El Economista (sp), El Financiero (sp) 

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