LGBT community members celebrate same sex marriage legalization throughout Mexico Tamaulipas was the last holdout in a string of legislative votes this year to approve same-sex unions in seven other states. Fos Feminista

Same-sex marriage now legal in every Mexican state

Tamaulipas was the 32nd and final state to legalize such unions, making same-sex marriage legal nationwide

Tamaulipas legalized gay marriage on Wednesday, becoming the 32nd and final federal entity to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Marriage between two people of the same gender is now legal everywhere in Mexico.

Twenty-three of 36 lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing such unions. The vote in the northern border state came a day after Guerrero legalized same-sex marriage.

Nancy Ruíz Martínez, a deputy with the National Action Party, presented the proposal to the state Congress and said that its approval ended one form of discrimination against gay people. There are no longer first and second-class citizens when it comes to the right to get married, she said.

“All people must enjoy that right,” Ruíz said. “Whenever there is a just cause to fight for, know that you have an unconditional ally in me.”

Tamaulipas is the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage this year after Guerrero, Durango, Jalisco, Yucatán, Veracruz, México state and Tabasco. Several other states, including GuanajuatoQuerétaro and Zacatecas, approved marriage equality in 2021.

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