Soccer fans brawl yesterday in Nuevo León. Soccer fans brawl yesterday in Nuevo León.

Soccer fan seriously hurt during pre-game fight in Nuevo León

Soccer match violence not uncommon, according to one report

A soccer fan is in hospital in serious but stable condition after being stabbed and attacked with stones in a violent confrontation before a match in Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, yesterday.

The young man, a supporter of the C.F. Tigres of the Nuevo León Autonomous University, suffered a seven-centimeter wound to his right side and head trauma in the brawl ahead of the Clásico Regio, a local tournament, against C.F. Monterrey.

Nuevo León Attorney General Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero said today that authorities have identified several people who participated in the clash, adding that warrants for their arrest are now being sought.

Those involved could face charges of assault causing serious injuries and receive prison sentences of up to four years in accordance with state laws governing violence at sporting events.

Guerrero added that the conduct of state police is also being investigated in the light of video evidence showing they were in the vicinity of the location where the clash occurred — several kilometers from the University Stadium — but did not intervene to stop it.

The two clubs involved in yesterday’s match, which ended in a 0-0 draw, today issued a joint statement to say that they had started meetings early this morning “with the objective of finding solutions and compromises to confront the problem that damages our support and our society.”

Both clubs, the statement added, “declare their intention to cooperate with state authorities, fans, media and the [Mexican football] league in the quest to eradicate violence from soccer.”

According to the newspaper El Economista, there are three to four violent incidents every month outside soccer stadiums in Mexico in the lead-up to first and second division matches.

Source: El Economista (sp), Milenio (sp) 

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