The Bellas Artes museum in Toluca. The Bellas Artes museum in Toluca.

México state completes restoration work on 32 cultural centers

Museums and other facilities focus of 174-million-peso project

The state of México has announced the completion of construction and restoration work on 32 cultural facilities.

Almost 174 million pesos (US $9 million) was invested in the project, which began with work on three museums located in Toluca — Bellas Artes, the Acuarela and the Numismática.

The three facilities required 12.5 million pesos in restoration work, the government said in a statement.

Work carried out on the 32 facilities included replacing floors and wooden doors, sheetrock walls, wiring, lighting, information panels in the exhibits, painting frames and walls and waterproofing furniture.

By next year the state Secretary of Public Works plans to complete work on the Conservatory of Music, the Cineteca Mexiquense, a reading room in the México State Cultural Center and a service area in the Historical Archives.

The government also plans to renovate the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden, four libraries, 16 museums and seven cultural centers.

Improvements to cultural spaces in the Toluca valley are intended to broaden cultural opportunities so that families in the state have access to spaces that encourage social harmony and promote creativity, the government said.

Source: Notimex (sp)

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