Enjoy wine, cheese and more at Vino Fest Aguascalientes. Enjoy wine, cheese and more at Vino Fest Aguascalientes.

Stomp on some grapes, enjoy some wine at Aguascalientes’ Vino Fest

Major wine-tasting competition among the 80 cultural activities on the agenda

Aguascalientes will put its long history of wine production on display at the first annual Vino Fest Aguascalientes 2019.

To be held on September 17-22, the event will include over 80 cultural activities, sporting events, artistic exhibitions and vineyard tours, as well as traditional barefoot grape stomping.

“Aguascalientes has a long vinicultural tradition dating back to 1575, reaching its apogee in 1980 when the state was the country’s top wine producer,” said Aguascalientes Tourism Secretary Jorge López Martín.

The festival will kick off with a concert by Armando Manzanero and Francisco Céspedes on September 17 in the Plaza de las Tres Centurias in downtown Aguascalientes.

There will also be a video mapping show that will trace the history of wine production in the state on the buildings in the square.

Festival-goers will also be able to attend the Mexico Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, a major wine-tasting competition. A panel of national and international judges will identify the best wines and spirits Mexico has to offer the global market.

The event will also host tours of vineyards in the region, including Boedgas de la Parra, Vinícola Santa Elenea, Bodegas Origen, Viñedos Casa Leal and Hacienda de Letras. The tours will provide a history of the vineyards and demonstrations of the winemaking process, and will include tastings.

The Vino Fest Equestrian Cup will be held in a local baseball stadium, featuring an obstacle course for riders and their horses, while the visual art exhibition Vid Art 2019 will feature sculptures made from wine bottles.

Of course, to accompany tastings, there will be an exhibition of artisanal cheeses and other agricultural products, as well as an area for artisanal breads.

The grape stomping events will be held on Friday and Saturday.

The festival will close with an awards ceremony to present prizes to the winners of the various categories in the Mexico Selection.

Entrance to Vino Fest Aguascalientes 2019 is free, and 85% of the activities are also completely free of charge.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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