Nuevo León student Daniel Marín. Nuevo León student Daniel Marín.

Student can take his pick from some of world’s top universities

9 schools in the US have offered scholarships to the math and physics student from Nuevo León

A high school student in Nuevo León has been invited to continue his studies on a full scholarship by some of the world’s top universities.

Nine universities —Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Rice, Duke, Brown, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania — have granted admission and scholarships to Daniel Marín Quiroz, 18, and all but one would be on a full scholarship.

Yale was the exception, offering to waive 92% of his tuition. Additionally, Harvard and Stanford universities offered to cover all of the young scholar’s living expenses.

Marín, who is a student at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Preparatory School, said that to gain admission to the universities he had to attend numerous interviews in person and on Skype, pass the SAT college admissions exam and submit a series of letters of recommendation.

He was further able to demonstrate his abilities through his history of participation in international and national physics and mathematics competitions. He has won the gold medal twice at the National Physics Olympiad and won a bronze medal last year at the International Physics Olympiad in Portugal.

Marín also composes electronic music, plays drums, guitar and piano, and tutors other students in mathematics and physics in his spare time.

He is currently taking stock of his options to decide which course of study will best further his career and research goals.

“My choice as to where I will study for the next four years of my life is right now between Harvard and Stanford University. I will study economics, computer science and theoretical physics.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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