YouTuber Dominguero and the Ferrari. YouTuber Dominguero and the Ferrari.

‘The eccentricities of Mexico’s millionaires:’ speeding Ferrari driver mocks cops

YouTuber captures a drive on Mexico-Toluca highway, reaching speeds of 280 km/h

Rocketing down the Mexico City-Toluca highway at 280 kilometers an hour is OK if you’re one of Mexico’s “eccentric millionaires.”

A video posted to YouTube on Sunday shows a speeding Ferrari driver, driving without a seatbelt, mocking police and bragging about being a millionaire.

At the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Spider, the Mexican man identified as Fer Italia speeds past police officers who smile and wave at him.

The video, titled The Eccentricities of Mexican Millionaires, was posted by Spanish YouTuber Juan Dominguero.

“Good morning, friends!” Italia shouts to Federal Police officers as he passes their patrol car. The officers respond by sounding their siren and waving. Then the driver accelerates and leaves them behind.

The two then stop to eat breakfast, and take a moment to show a device that covers the license plate.

On the way back to Mexico City, the same officers seen earlier in the video pull them over, but it is not shown whether they issued a ticket.

“The police stopped us again, and I don’t know why!” says Dominguero.

“For going too fast, that’s why! 280 kilometers [an hour]!” says Italia, who describes himself as a “businessman who is killing it in Mexico.”

The video ends with Dominguero posing for photos with the officers.

“Here we have the good police officers always making sure that everything is OK,” he says, smiling. “In the end, we became friends.”

Another of Dominguero’s videos, posted on November 14, shows Alfred Harp Anaya, grandson of well-known businessman and philanthropist Alfredo Harp Helú, competing in clandestine drag races in the Mexico City neighborhood of Santa Fe and bragging about avoiding the police.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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