Happy president of a happy country.

The people are happy, happy, happy, López Obrador assures reporters

Amid gender violence, homicides and economic gloom, the people are very content

Women who have been protesting gender violence and the families of record numbers of homicide victims might not agree but according to President López Obrador, the country is wrapped in a blanket of bliss.

The president announced Monday that his September 1 report to the nation address will speak of the happiness of the Mexican people.

“The people are happy, happy, happy, there’s an atmosphere of happiness,” he declared at his morning press conference. “The people are very content, really very content and happy. So, there is no social ill humor.”

His remarks came just days after massive protests against violence against women in Mexico City ended with acts of vandalism and at a time when homicide rates are at record high levels and economic prospects are gloomy.

López Obrador’s comments elicited criticism on social media, where people questioned the president’s declaration using the hashtag #pejelandia, which alludes to the president’s nickname “El Peje.”

“In Pejelandia of course,” said one such criticism. “It’s a lovely place inside the head of [President López Obrador].”

“Which country do you live in, Mexico or #Pejelandia?” asked another.

Referring to the women’s protests, López Obrador said that “there are those cases, but in general, I’ll tell you now, and I’ll tell you in my report, the people are happy.”

The president will deliver the report at 11:00am on September 1 in the central patio of the National Palace in Mexico City.

According to a 2017 study, Mexico was the fourth happiest country in the world.

Sources: El Financiero (sp), Diario de Yucatán (sp)

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