The migrants found yesterday in Nuevo León. The migrants found yesterday in Nuevo León.

Traffickers captured with 161 migrants in Nuevo León

A routine check by police revealed the human cargo in a semi-trailer

Two human traffickers were arrested yesterday in Nuevo León when police found 161 Central American migrants crammed into a semi-trailer.

Police were conducting a routine inspection of the truck in Aramberri when they encountered the human cargo en route to the United States border.

One of the two smugglers attempted to flee the scene but injured both hands after jumping from the trailer. He was admitted to the municipal general hospital where he remains under guard.

The state Public Security Secretariat said it had identified 39 families from El Salvador, six from Guatemala and 21 from Honduras.

Authorities said six minors, whose nationality was not revealed, were traveling unaccompanied.

All 161 were reported in good health.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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