Monday, March 4, 2024

Uber wins right to operate in Q.Roo without public transport license

A court in Quintana Roo has ruled that Uber can operate in the Caribbean coast state without a public transport license.

Two judges at a federal court in Cancún ruled Wednesday that the ride-hailing service provides private transport and therefore doesn’t require a public transit license.

Their decision complies with a 2021 Supreme Court ruling that Uber’s business model is different than those of public transport companies.

The ruling is a win for Uber, which has faced protests against its operation in Quintana Roo. Some 40,000 taxi drivers took to the streets of Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Chetumal last month to protest against the possibility of the company operating in the state without a public transportation concession.

As a result of Wednesday’s ruling, Uber will now be able to operate freely in Quintana Roo without having to comply with regulations that apply to public transport operators including taxis.

“We’re very happy, … it’s a day of celebration. Finally, citizens and tourists will have a transport platform where they can feel safe,” Agueda Esperilla Soto, a spokesperson for Uber drivers, told the news organization Por Esto!

She said that Uber drivers now expect to be able to work without facing hostility.

Some 50 taxi drivers participated in a protest against Uber on the tourism-oriented island of Cozumel before and after the Cancún court delivered its ruling in favor of the ride-hailing service.

With reports from Sin Embargo and Por Esto!

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