The hapless mayor of Siltepec is bound to a post. The hapless mayor of Siltepec is bound to a post.

Unhappy citizens tie mayor to a post in Chiapas town

It was the second time in a month that Siltepec's mayor has been held tied up in a public place

A working visit to several towns in the municipality of Siltepec, Chiapas, became a hostage situation yesterday when residents tied the mayor to a post.

Pedro Damián González Arriaga traveled to the town of La Laguna, among others, to assess the needs of his constituents.

Residents requested welfare benefits and the paving of two kilometers of the town’s roads, but González explained that such an investment would cause an imbalance in the municipality’s budget.

The mayor offered to pave one kilometer of roads instead and to work toward obtaining enough resources to meet the town’s demands.

González returned to his office but was followed by a group of unhappy residents from several towns, who grabbed him and at least four municipal staff and tied the mayor to a post in the main square of Siltepec.

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The protesters told reporters that they were fed up with the mayor failing to meet the commitments he made while on the campaign trail, which included investing in public infrastructure and paving, among other public works projects.

They also accused González of using public monies to embellish municipal headquarters.

The mayor was treated in the same manner about three weeks ago but this time residents threatened to escalate their actions by shaving his head “as if were a sheep” and parading him around town if he failed to meet their demands and fulfill the promises he made.

Source: Milenio (sp), Reforma (sp), MVS Noticias (sp)

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