Trueman's street in a 'quiet' town in Jalisco. Trueman's quiet street.

TV producer’s video of ‘quiet’ town in Jalisco reproduces sounds of Mexico

Sounds from the street form basis for a short film

It seemed like such a quiet little town . . . .

That was the first impression of a television producer who traveled to Mexico for some quiet time with his parents in a town in Jalisco.

He soon discovered something he didn’t know about this country: it’s not all that quiet.

Darrel Trueman spent four months in a rental apartment in San Antonio Tlayacapan, visiting with his parents and editing video for a TV reality series.

But the distractions from the street drew his attention. And every time there was a distraction he grabbed his smartphone and stepped out on the balcony to shoot the action.

The result is a video nearly five minutes long. Mexico and Me is a quick-paced montage “that captures the exuberance and raw energy of live in a Mexican town,” said Trueman in a message to Mexico News Daily.

“All this action was taking place on the street right below me,” he said.

It was typical Mexican street action: vendors hawking their wares, the garbage truck, the gas truck, the scrap collector and the list goes on. And each has its particular sound — or noise, depending on your perspective.

Trueman’s video didn’t capture all the sounds of Mexico, as a comment on YouTube noted: “Where were the pre-dawn firecrackers, all-night barking dogs, braying burrows, roosters, mariachi parties at 3:00am? Welcome to Mexico!”

Trueman says making the film made him realize there are interesting stories everywhere. “And also that I need to find a quieter place to live next time I’m there.”

He plans to return early next year and is looking for engaging stories that could be developed in a reality TV series. He can be reached by email.

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