Office workers attempting to flee were thrown to the floor by the force of the earthquake. Office workers attempting to flee were thrown to the floor.

Video reveals moments of panic during 2017 earthquake

Workers on the 15th floor of an office building struggle to flee in the Mexico City earthquake

A new video has appeared showing the moment inside an office building when Mexico City was hit by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake two years ago.

Facebook user Alejandro Vargas uploaded the video, which was captured by a security camera in the building in central Mexico City.

“After keeping this video for two years, I can share it,” Vargas wrote. “it was a moment that changed my life, and I think a lot of other people’s lives too, from the 15th floor.”

The video shows the inside of an office at 1:17 p.m. on September 19, 2017, when people start to realize that an earthquake is taking place.

“In those seconds, I asked God to take care of my loved ones, and if it was my time to go, I didn’t have a problem with that,” Vargas wrote. “I understood how small we are when facing something like this.”

In the video, employees start to evacuate the office, but as the earthquake continues, some are unable to walk straight and are thrown onto the floor and others onto a desk, which collapses. Other people hold onto the wall as they struggle to stay upright, while others crawl out of the office.

The building is located at Izazaga 89 and houses government offices. Shortly after the earthquake, there were reports that the building’s owners were hiding structural damage to prevent it being closed by authorities.

“I try to joke when I talk about earthquakes, but inside, I still have that feeling of fear and nostalgia,” Vargas wrote. “For months, especially in the shower, I thought I was hearing the earthquake alarm, when it was impossible that the sound would reach the room. I try to enjoy every day, with my manias and everything, but I value every day.”

The September 19 quake was one of two during the month that killed more than 500 people and injured thousands more.

The federal government reported last week that 30% of the buildings damaged have been repaired.

Source: Infobae (sp), Milenio (sp), Publímetro (sp)

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