Water lanterns will carry their messages in two locations in December. Water lanterns will carry their messages in two locations in December.

Water lantern festivals in Michoacán, Mexico City

The Water Lantern Festival, a popular cultural event held in over 80 locations in the United States and at others around the world, makes its way to Mexico in December.

One festival will take place on December 7 at Zirahuén lake in Michoacán and and a second on December 14 at Parque Tezozómoc in Mexico City.

Billed as “an incredible experience . . . to create a magical memory,” the festival invites visitors to write down their hopes and dreams on paper lanterns, which are then sent out on to the water.

In addition to offering the spectacle of lights, the festival also includes food, beverages and music.

The sentimental farewell to 2019 begins at 3:30pm in Zirahuén, when festival-goers can register and collect their lantern kits. Events begin at 5:15pm.

The first lanterns will be placed on the water at 7:00pm.

Zirahuén lake is about 3 1/2 hours from Mexico City, and a half-hour from the popular Day of the Dead destination of Pátzcuaro.

In Mexico City the lantern festival begins at 2:30pm in Parque Tezozómoc, located in the northwestern borough of Azcapotzalco.

General admission tickets cost 250 pesos (US $13) for adults and 165 pesos ($9) for children, and can be purchased in advance at

The lantern kits are included with admission and come with a light, a marker and other decoration materials.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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