Thursday, November 30, 2023

With the gym out of bounds, try these hammock routines

With gyms, yoga studios and public parks all closed, it can be difficult to find a way to stay in shape during the Covid-19 quarantine, but a Yucatán actress has come up with a clever way to do it.

All it takes is a hammock.

Actress Conchi León of Mérida looked at the hammock hanging in her home and saw an opportunity to get her heart rate up and perhaps shed a few pounds.

Christening her workout space Hammock Gym, León posted a video demonstrating the exercises on April 12 that went viral on social media and had garnered over 14,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

“You are all telling me that you’re worried about getting fat during the quarantine,” she says from the comfort of her red and white striped hammock, dressed in a traditional embroidered frock decorated with designs unique to her region called a huipil.

“So I’m going to show you this routine that even Bárbara de Regil doesn’t have,” she says in reference to the popular Mexican actress whose workout videos have also gone viral during the quarantine.

With names for her unique full-body exercises like Rocking Horse and Death’s Pass, León’s charisma and love for the camera shine through in the video as she cracks jokes and shouts at her viewers to “Smile! Smile! Smile!” during one strenuous move.

She ends the workout with a relaxing cross-legged pose she calls Flor de Elote, or cornflower, a play on the Spanish words elote, corn, and loto, lotus.

The laughs León generates might actually burn more calories than her three-minute Hammock Gym routine. After finishing up with a quick half minute of meditation, she smells lunch cooking and quickly ends the video.

Another Yucatán artist, singer Jesús Armando, also enjoyed social media popularity over the weekend when the video of his original song Jaranavirus went viral. The singer used the rhythm and melody of the traditional Yucatán musical genre jarana to urge people to abide by the government’s quarantine and physical distancing measures.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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