Martínez, center, just before she was shot. Martínez, center, just before she was shot.

Woman accidentally killed while making video of kidnapping

She was shot in the head while faking a kidnapping for a TikTok video

A 20-year-old woman was killed last week in Chihuahua when a TikTok video she was filming went horribly wrong.

Areline Martínez and several others were filming a faked kidnapping for social media in the city of Chihuahua when one of the people pretending to abduct her accidentally shot her in the head. 

Martínez had previously filmed several similar videos feigning a kidnapping, which she had posted to social media. 

A video of the moments before her death is circulating on social media, showing Martínez sitting in a chair pretending to struggle with her pretend captors. At least 10 people were present, police say. It is unclear why a real, loaded gun was used as a prop.

Martínez’s hands and feet were bound when authorities found her body at 10 p.m. on Friday. The .45-caliber bullet that pierced her brain killed her instantly. 

Two men present at the scene fled in a Jeep Cherokee immediately after shooting her. They have been identified thanks to footage police found at the scene but their whereabouts are still unknown. 

Hundreds of messages have been left on a Facebook page set up in Martínez’s memory. “Waking up and finding this news breaks my heart; rest in peace, beautiful, you will always shine wherever you are, Areline Martínez,” was just one of the countless posts from friends and family. 

In her last Instagram post made the day of her death, Martínez, who leaves a year-old baby, wrote “Time doesn’t stop, neither do I.”

Source: Sipse (sp)

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