Dog attack victim in La Paz. Dog attack victim in La Paz.

Woman attacked by 7 dogs but owner won’t take responsibility

The La Paz woman has 'very ugly injuries' as a result

A dog owner in La Paz, Baja California Sur, has been accused of refusing to accept responsibility for an attack on a local woman.

The victim’s nephew posted the accusation on social media, charging that the woman’s seven dogs attacked his aunt his aunt on Tuesday while she was walking in the Cárdenas neighborhood.

“We already filed a formal complaint,” he wrote, adding that the local dog pound “isn’t doing anything,” and that his aunt “has very ugly injuries.”

He explained that the complaint is intended to force the woman to pay reparation.

This week’s attack is not the first in La Paz.

The news website BCS Noticias reported that a local woman was attacked by dogs last month.

The woman said she and her four-year-old daughter were walking in the Calafia neighborhood when two dogs tried to bite the girl. The animals were only able to tear the girl’s clothes, but they did bite the woman when she defended her daughter.

There were also attacks on the city’s malecón earlier this year, prompting Mayor Rubén Muñoz Álvarez to forbid dogs on the seaside promenade.

Social media users have expressed disagreement with the ruling, stating that “the dogs are not to blame, it is their owners who neglect to educate them.”

Source: BCS Noticias (sp)

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