Bergeron and St-Onge. Bergeron and St-Onge.

Canadian woman’s companion chief suspect in her death

The body of Christine St-Onge was found yesterday in Los Cabos

Authorities in Baja California Sur said the traveling companion of a Canadian woman who disappeared December 4 in Los Cabos is the chief suspect in her death.

The body of Christine St-Onge, 41, was found yesterday near the hotel in which she was staying, said the state Attorney General’s office.

The discovery was made after evidence of extreme domestic violence was found in the hotel room where she was staying with another Canadian, 53-year-old Pierre Bergeron.

He had returned to Canada alone on December 5, one day prior to the couple’s scheduled return. He had St-Onge’s ticket in his possession but was carrying no luggage.

Bergeron committed suicide the following day, according to Canadian authorities.

In Mexico, authorities said St-Onge died as a result of cranial trauma and had been dead about five days. Blood stains were found in the hotel room.

Police in Canada said an autopsy would have to be performed to confirm that the remains are those of the Laval, Quebec, woman.

The two had traveled to Mexico on November 29.

Source: Peninsular Digital (sp), Montreal Gazette (en)

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