The $25,000 taco. The $25,000 taco.

World’s most expensive taco is back, this time in Quintana Roo

Technique, harmony and some costly ingredients — such as edible gold leaf — make a US $25,000 taco

Although it might seem that every day is Taco Day in Mexico, Sunday, March 31 is the real deal and to celebrate, a restaurant in the Riviera Maya will offer what it bills as the world’s most expensive taco.

It can be purchased for US $25,000.

Chef Juan Licerio concedes that people are a little surprised by the price when they can buy a taco in the street for 10 pesos — but it’s worth it, he said, ‘for the tenderness, the technique and the harmony” of his creation.

It also has some costly ingredients: kobe beef, black truffle brie cheese, beluga caviar, white truffles and lobster all wrapped up in what would be a plain corn tortilla were it not for the 24-carat, edible gold leaf mixed in with the corn dough.

It won’t be the first time Licerio has prepared such a deluxe and dear delicacy.

Chef Licerio, right, and his team with high-end tacos in 2017.
Chef Licerio, right, and his team with high-end tacos in 2017.

For at least the last two years he made $25,000 tacos in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, where he was chef at the Grand Vela Resort.

Now he has relocated to the El Dorado Royal hotel on the Riviera Maya, where the fancy tacos will be for sale tomorrow — but only to registered guests.

Source: Notimex (sp)

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