The youth hit the man three times on a sidewalk in Guadalajara. The youth hit the man three times on a sidewalk in Guadalajara.

Youths filmed brutal attack against senior for social media post

The youths were identified through their own video

A group of youths assaulted a senior in Guadalajara for no apparent reason last Thursday and shared a video of the attack on social media.   

The video shows one of the youths approach the senior, who is waiting for a bus and doesn’t notice them. The youth struck the senior three times in the head before he fell to the ground. 

The attack took place near the Alcalde Market in the city center, and the perpetrators were identified on social media.

Three of the four youths and their parents turned themselves into the state Attorney General’s Office. Two of them were identified as Jesús “N” and Alonso “N” through their social media profiles, but their names have not been officially confirmed, the newspaper Informador reported. The news website Reporte Índigo identified the youth who filmed the attack as Alan “N.” 

Governor Enrique Alfaro confirmed that the senior was well and said the attack was the sign of a wider social problem.

“The youths without conscience or values, who hit an elderly person for simple fun outside the Alcalde Market, are the harsh reality and consequence of when social decay spreads like cancer,” he said.

With reports from El Universal, Informador, Milenio and Reporte Índigo

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