The four vendors of marijuana food products were sentenced to three years. The four vendors of marijuana food products were sentenced to three years.

Youths get jail time after selling marijuana brownies on social media

Selling 'space cakes' earns a three year sentence

There will be no more “space cakes” for connoisseurs of pot-based delicacies in Sonora after four youths were jailed for selling marijuana brownies on Facebook and Instagram.

In a summary hearing on April 11 the four accepted the charges for crimes against health by way of small-scale drug dealing and were sentenced to three years in prison.

Under the accounts “Brownies,” “Magic Cakes” and “Space Cakes,” Tonatiuh “N.,” 29, Luis Carlos “N., 22, Kevyn Emmanuel “N.,” 18, and Ángela Amayrane “N.,” 21, sold the brownies online and delivered them by courier.

Police opened the case after a complaint by a parent, and information technology experts then determined the identities of the users behind the social media accounts.

Police then searched the homes of the four youths in Hermosillo where they found marijuana brownies, marijuana, cooking pots, ovens, flour, packaging, cell phones and cash.

Forensic doctors from the Attorney General’s Office said the use of marijuana in edible form generates intoxication, alters perception, and creates fear, panic, paranoia, dizziness, and other symptoms.

“We are putting out a warning to parents … whoever consumes … can not only become addicted, but can also gravely damage their health, and whoever sells it will not only commit the crime of drug dealing, but could also be responsible for murder, because of the poisonous properties of consuming foods containing marijuana,” read the message on the Twitter of Sonora’s attorney general.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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