YouTuber Lara chokes on habanero chiles. YouTuber Lara chokes on habanero chiles.

YouTuber hospitalized after eating two habanero chiles

He lost a bet and had to eat both at the same time

A YouTuber and influencer from Yucatán was hospitalized last week after eating two habanero chiles in a stunt recorded for his video channel.

Comedian and actor Hugo Lara Arias, one of the stars of Los Hermanos Lara (The Lara Siblings), had lost a bet and had to eat the two chiles — at once.

“I don’t eat chile,” Lara admitted to the three others who appeared in the video. “But first one, then the other.”

“No,” the others said in unison, telling him he had to eat them at the same time.

So Lara put both in his mouth and began chewing. He immediately started to cough, and his skin turned red.

Initially believing that nothing was amiss, the others continued to talk to the camera and laughed at Lara for having lost the bet.

But when he put his hand to his throat and continued to wretch and cough, it became obvious that something was wrong.

An ambulance was called and Lara was taken to hospital.

His sister and co-host Yazmin Lara later confirmed on social media that her brother was in stable condition.

“. . . Hugo Lara is in stable condition. We didn’t think that this would get so out of control, and we will show you the video we recorded . . . so that you can see what really happened . . .” she said.

The siblings’ YouTube channel has over 658,000 subscribers.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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