Zapatistas raise candles in protest against megaprojects. Zapatistas raise candles in protest against megaprojects.

Zapatistas on the march in Chiapas against AMLO’s megaprojects

No to trains, mines, wind farms, highways, pipelines and dams

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) carried out protests in Chiapas on Thursday to denounce the megaprojects planned by President López Obrador, such as the Maya and trans-isthmus trains.

Calling the protests “Defense of territory and mother Earth, we are all Samir,” the Zapatistas gathered in their autonomous zones — called caracoles (literally snails) — hanging banners outside each of their government’s buildings and burning candles in protest.

The phrase “We are all Samir” was created in honor of activist Samir Flores Soberanes, a member of the Permanent Assembly of the People of Morelos who was murdered last year after opposing a thermoelectric plant in the state.

“No to the megaprojects of López Obrador … No to the Maya Train. No to the trans-isthmus train. No to mining. No to wind farms. No to highways. No to oil pipelines. No to hydroelectric dams. No to gas pipelines,” read a banner hung in the Oventic caracol.

Protesters in the caracol called Honorable Spiral Weaving the Colors of Humanity in Memory of the Fallen said a prayer in the early morning and lit candles.

In the caracol called Blooming Rebel Seed, Zapatistas formed a human chain along the highway, while in another called Snail Mother of Our Dreams, they shouted slogans to express their discontent.

An altar in memory of Samir Flores was erected in the Resistance Toward a New Dawn caracol.

Activists aligned with the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress held similar protests in Mexico City and Morelos on Thursday.

More actions were planned for Mexico City and Morelos on Friday and an assembly will be held in the municipality of Temoac, Morelos, on Saturday.

EZLN chief Subcomandante Moisés announced in January 2019 that the organization would oppose the president’s megaprojects.

Although President López Obrador expressed his respect for the EZLN during a visit to Chiapas last July, tensions between the rebel faction and the federal government remain high.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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