The Zihuatanejo street where Monday's shooting took place. The Zihuatanejo street where Monday's shooting took place.

Zihuatanejo shooting kills two, shocks visitors

3 people were wounded in the incident at a local 'narco-bar'

Gunfire in downtown Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Monday night killed two people, wounded three and shocked tourists who were nearby.

The shots were fired about 10:30pm at Bar Ego, known among locals as a “narco-bar,” located across the street from another bar that is popular with local residents and visitors.

One visitor who happened to be on hand when the shooting took place was a former nurse who treated one of the victims by attending to her injuries and stopping the bleeding. “There was blood everywhere,” the former nurse said later.

She said she urged the victim to take advantage of the ambulance that had arrived at the scene, but the woman refused, apparently afraid that the attackers would go after her. She fled down an alley instead.

Another tourist who witnessed the incident, a former firefighter and first responder from the United States, described it as the most traumatic thing he had ever seen.

The attack comes just a few days after another in which a young man was killed in the densely populated area of Plaza Kyoto, a few blocks away.

The shooting at the Bar Ego, which many residents hope will be closed by authorities, was the fourth in three years.

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