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6 top-rated eco-friendly Airbnbs in Mexico

Travel is an experience that requires planning and decision-making. Recent data shows that one of the top concerns travelers have when choosing destinations is sustainability, according to the Airbnb platform itself.

Another indicator that reinforces this trend of travelers caring about the environment is that some of the highest rated destinations on Airbnb are places with sustainable qualities, many of which are immersed in nature. Mexico is the fifth most biodiverse country in the world after Brazil, Colombia, China and Indonesia, according to the World Wildlife Fund, and has a strong natural appeal. This underscores that sustainability is becoming a key factor in preserving the natural beauty and tourism of the country.

This hotel is located in the heart of the jungle. (Courtesy)

We’ve rounded up some of the top-rated eco-friendly places on Airbnb in Mexico. These accommodations were selected based on criteria such as the use of adobe construction or recycled materials, the presence of solar panels, eco-friendly water and waste treatment systems, and other sustainable qualities. The options highlighted in this article are independently selected examples of sustainable tourism for travelers to make environmentally conscious choices when planning their trips to Mexico.

Mini House in Ensenada

One of the most popular accommodations in Mexico, according to Airbnb data, is a rustic property that also meets sustainability criteria. This eco-friendly place offers a complete eco-experience, with 100% of its energy being autonomous and solar-powered. Located next to a cliff overlooking the beaches of Baja California, this accommodation allows guests to enjoy the sounds of the ocean from its hanging room. As it is a space designed to disconnect and immerse in nature, Wi-Fi is not available.

Terasu Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa

Another highly rated eco-friendly accommodation in Mexico is located in the heart of the jungle, just minutes from the famous Xcaret parks and 18.4 kilometers from the city of Tulum. This eco-friendly retreat offers a simple yet elegant experience with the jungle as the main attraction. Guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature and enjoy the property’s sustainable features, such as eco-responsible water and waste treatment systems.

Ecological Accommodation in Huay-Pix

This hotel uses sustainable resources to avoid causing more damage to the nature. (Courtesy)

This is another one of the highest rated eco-friendly accommodations in Mexico, located near the Milagros Lagoon, known for its stunning turquoise waters. This exclusive property offers 13 rooms with breathtaking views of the lagoon, providing guests with the perfect setting for swimming and kayaking. The property’s pool is made of chukum, a traditional type of stucco made with tree resin, and is powered by water from the lagoon, ensuring a natural and sustainable experience.

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Casa Biulú Zipolite

Casa Biulú is located near Zipolite Beach, a place known for its stunning natural beauty. This property offers spectacular views of the beach, with rocks jutting out of the water adding to its charm. The property features photovoltaic panels for sustainable energy production and an infinity saltwater pool. Surrounded by lush vegetation, guests will feel immersed in nature and pets are welcome. The design and decoration of the property showcase the vibrant and authentic Mexican style.

Nuscaa Boutique Treehouse & Spa

A unique treehouse located in the Mayan jungle of Leona Vicario, in the municipality of Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. This treehouse offers a luxurious and natural experience with stunning views of the surrounding jungle. Guests will be in close proximity to several cenotes, allowing them to explore the natural wonders of the area. The property’s water management and sanitation system is eco-friendly, ensuring a sustainable stay.

Suite El Muro Majahua

El Muro Majahua is located on a beautiful beach in Guerrero. (Courtesy)

Located on a beautiful beach in Guerrero, this property features a terrace and garden, with a design that combines elements of a palapa and a hut. Guests can enjoy the elegance and privacy of this mini-hotel while experiencing the simplicity and beauty of nature. The property is involved in conservation projects, including the protection of sea turtles, and offers respectful whale watching activities that allow guests to connect with nature.

The pandemic also affected the interest in sustainable destinations in Mexico. Data from 2022, as reported by Forbes Green Economy and Sustainable Development, indicates that there has been a 45% increase in companies seeking certification in sustainable practices due to the growing demand from travelers for these types of destinations.

What other eco-friendly destinations would you add to this list?

Ana Paula de la Torre is a Mexican journalist and collaborator of various media such as Milenio, Animal Político, Vice, Newsweek en Español, Televisa and Mexico News Daily. 

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