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Inside Tulum’s fitness camps promising summer ready bodies

The Maya Riviera has become the center of the Mexican alternative wellness scene, with travelers flocking from all over the world to take part in a variety of alternative wellness retreats. The pristine beaches of Tulum, Quintana Roo, have become synonymous with fantastic Instagram shots, but they are also home to some of the trendiest (and most intensive) fitness retreats on the market.

It should be no surprise that a location as iconic as Tulum has a litany of options for the prospective fitness enthusiast to choose from — whether you’re looking to prepare your body or your mind. 

Getting beach-ready for the summer doesn’t need to be the reserve of a sweaty gym. When it comes to working out, Tulum offers some incredible options to mix business with pleasure. (Kaxan Holistic Resort)

If you are looking to get ready to rock the beaches this summer, why not consider a visit to one of Tulum’s top fitness retreats?

Amansala Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Amansala, popular with U.S. celebrities, is set right down on the beach, making for perfect relaxation – and punishing training routines. (Amansala)

Describing itself as “eco-chic,” the Amansala Yoga & Wellness Retreat, set right on Tulum’s sweeping beach, is perhaps best known for its celebrity clientele. Its Bikini Bootcamp (a favorite of Drew Barrymore, no less), is a particular highlight — but more on that later. 

If you think you’re already in great beach shape and would like something for the mind — fear not, Amansala has you covered here too. The hotel also claims to host Tulum’s most popular yoga retreat — the Restore & Renew program — held three times a month. A six day course promises that participants will experience “idyllic moments that give you space and time to journey back to yourself.”

No wellness center would truly be complete without great food, and Amansala is no exception. The full-service resort offers healthy, seasonal dishes, meaning that you can eat well knowing that your diet is getting you in shape and being kind to the local environment. 


Tulum’s Azulik wellness retreat offers art, food, fitness and relaxation in an unbeatable location. (Azulik)

Azulik has two locations — so whatever you want to do, this awe-inspiring resort has you covered. While many of the wellness retreats on this list offer a distinctly Mayan flavor (as you might expect in Tulum), Azulik offers an international standard that is unmatched by any of the other resorts. 

The Tulum site is a series of treehouses, with walkways connecting the resort. From above, guests can enjoy the commanding views of the coast and the jungle, feeling at one with nature as they reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. At dinner, enjoy cuisine d’auteur sitting in a cozy nest. 

As well as a stunning tree top setting, Azulik is a modern art pioneer, meaning that guests can combine fitness, yoga and spiritual healing workshops with an immersive art and food experience. 

The Azulik spa also offers a mix of modern spa treatments and traditional Maya healing rituals. 

Bikini Bootcamp

A favorite of Drew Barrymore, Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp is a glamorous but effective tone-up. (Bikini Bootcamp)

We looked at Amansala earlier, but the Bikini Bootcamp, which takes place at the stunning hotel, is the highlight of Tulum’s wellness retreat scene. As for what goes on, well, the clue is in the name. 

The standard six day retreat offers visitors the chance to enjoy beach walks along Tulum’s stunning coastline, tours of the town and surrounding area, as well as healthy eating and a range of fitness classes. At the end of your six days, Bikini Bootcamp promises to “send you home as the best version of yourself.”

Guests can choose from HIIT, cardio, sculpt and tone, box fit, yoga, pilates, salsa and dance classes. As well as getting your body in shape, the team at Bikini Bootcamp want to make sure your mind is toned too, so journaling and meditation also form an important part of every retreat.

The on-site spa also offers a range of treatments, including a traditional and ever-popular temazcal, the intriguing Mayan egg ritual and all the standard massages and physical therapy options you might expect.

Kaxan Santuary 

With a focus on mental and physical wellness, Kaxan will help you get your mind and your body in fantastic shape. (Kaxan Holistic Resort)

Located a mere 15 minutes from the town, Kaxan Sanctuary has something for those seeking colonial luxury and those in search of a more intimate connection with nature in the heart of the jungle. 

Kaxan offers healing for the soul in particular. The sanctuary has a private cenote, giving visitors the chance to relax and unwind far from the madding crowds that throng Tulum’s popular main beaches.

The on-site organic kitchen offers home-grown delights — including local melipona honey sourced directly from the local community. The access to nature also means that fruit and vegetable juices are made using local produce. As Yucatán is one of Mexico’s major cuisine capitals, the menu has a very local tilt, offering classics such as tamales, locally-caught fish and tacos, all cooked in a wood-fired oven. Kaxan can, of course, also cater to vegan and vegetarian requirements, and offers custom menu design for the most discerning eaters.

La Veleta

La Veleta, home to Tulum Strength Club, is an intense training camp – as the name suggests. (La Veleta)

Tulum Strength Club is the most serious workout on this list. Where other fitness retreats are mixing their workouts with wellness or focusing on a gourmet experience, Tulum Strength Club pulls no punches.

Their monthly retreats — which have very limited spaces — combine strength training and high-end dining, all within a luxurious private villa. With a private pool, personal trainers, chef and gymnasium, Tulum Strength Club ensures that you have everything you need to succeed. 

The package also offers cooking classes, meaning you can learn to recreate the healthy (but tasty) food once you return home. The immersion camp is on the pricier side —  six days with the trainers will cost you a cool US $5000 —  but if you’re serious about looking serious, this is the place for you.

With the opening of the new Tulum airport, these amazing wellness destinations are now closer than ever — and if you’re breaking the bank to get there, Cancún International Airport is just two hours away, connecting the region with a host of low-cost carriers. If your goal is to feel and look your best this summer, a fitness retreat in Tulum could be just what you’re looking for.

By Mexico News Daily writer Chris Havler-Barrett

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