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Michelin stars will be awarded to Mexican restaurants starting in 2024

Foodies rejoice! From 2024, Mexico will have its first ever edition of the Michelin Guide – the gastronomic bible whose famous star system is used to rank the world’s best restaurants.

The news was announced at a joint press conference in Mexico City on Oct. 19, by the French tire manufacturer and Mexican restaurateur association Canirac, marking a long-awaited celebration of the country’s unique cuisine by one of the most respected food guides of all time.

Daniel Mijares/Canirac
Daniel Mijares, head of Mexican restaurateurs group Canirac, led the announcement of the new guide. (Canirac/X)

“My team of inspectors have eagerly embraced all the flavors this unique destination has to offer,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guide.

“From local cuisine that is deep-rooted in tradition and celebrates Indigenous ingredients and the abundance of high-quality products, to dining rooms where globally inspired creations are on the menu; Mexico has a wealth of intriguing and impressive dining options and passionate culinary talent.”

What is the Michelin Guide?

The Michelin Guide was first published in France in 1900 by the Michelin tire company. Originally intended to provide practical dining advice for motorists, it has become the world’s most famous restaurant guide, with a presence in more than 40 countries. It awards the best restaurants with between one and three Michelin stars – an honor coveted by chefs the world over.

The guide also features a selection of hotels, chosen for their quality service, unique personality and contributions to the local experience.

Which Mexican destinations will be included?

The 2024 Mexico Guide will feature some of the best restaurants in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Los Cabos and Nuevo León. Michelin representatives said that they plan to add more destinations in future editions, and hope this introduction will serve as inspiration to explore the rest of the country.

Who awards Michelin stars to restaurants?

Michelin stars are awarded by a group of specialist food and wine critics from 25 different countries. Inspectors visit each place anonymously several times, to ensure a fair appraisal and that the restaurant offers consistent quality over time.

The first Michelin guidebook, published in 1900. was designed to help French motorists find the best places to stop during their travels. (Michelin)

What are the criteria for Michelin stars?

The Michelin inspectors award their coveted stars based on five criteria: quality of ingredients; mastery of cooking techniques; harmony of flavors; the chef’s personality represented in the kitchen; and consistency across the menu and over time.

These criteria have remained the same since the Guide’s early days, as has its famous star system:

  • 1 Star: This is a place worth stopping for along the way
  • 2 Stars: It’s worth a detour from your route to visit this restaurant
  • 3 Stars: It’s worth a special trip to experience a restaurant of this standard

Even attaining one Michelin star is considered a significant achievement for a restaurant. The countries with the most Michelin star restaurants in 2022 were France, Japan, Italy, Germany and the United States. 

With reports from Forbes and Food and Travel


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