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Get ‘la neta’ with our guide to Mexican slang

Neta no vas a leer este artículo? La neta te conviene. Are you really not going to read this article? Honestly, you better!

Neta no. Neta sí. Es neta. Dime la neta. 

React to the latest gossip with appropriate surprise by using “neta.” (Ben White/Unsplash)

Neta is one of the most common slang words in Mexico. Its origin traces back to the Spanish word “neto,” meaning “net” or “clear.” Over time, “neto” evolved into “neta,” and it was adopted as a fundamental part of Mexican Spanish. Today, the word has different meanings, including truth, honesty, authenticity, coolness and sincerity. It serves as a linguistic tool for expressing agreement, affirmation, or emphasis, depending on the context.

Example 1:

–”¿Es cierto que van a cerrar la tienda?” (Is it true that the store is closing?)

–”Sí, es neta. La dueña ya lo confirmó.” (Yes, it’s true. The owner already confirmed it.)

Example 2:

–”¿Confías en él?” (Do you trust him?)

–”¡Sí, ese wey es súper neta.” (Yeah, that dude is super legit.)


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Example 3: 

–¿Te cae bien? (Do you like her?)

–¡Sí, ella es la neta! (Yes, she is super cool!) 

In these examples, “neta” is used to affirm the truthfulness of a statement or to emphasize the authenticity, honesty of a person. It adds a layer of sincerity and certainty to the conversation, making it a powerful tool for effective communication in Mexican Spanish.

Example 4: 

–Supiste que Karla ya no va a ir al viaje? (Did you know that Karla is ditching the trip?) 

¿Es neta?, ¿por? (Are you serious? why?) 

–La neta ni idea (I really I don’t know) 

Whether used to express agreement, confirm information, or convey sincerity, when you hear the word “neta,” know that the truth is being spoken in the most authentic way possible.

Paulina Gerez is a translator-interpreter, content creator, and founder of Crack The Code, a series of online courses focused on languages. Through her social media, she helps people see learning a language from another perspective through her fun experiences. Instagram: paulinagerezm / Tiktok: paugerez3 / YT: paulina gerez


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