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Rompe el hielo with our Spanish conversation starters!

Have you ever found yourself in a social setting, wanting to strike up a conversation but not quite sure how to begin? Perhaps you’re at a networking event, a party, or even waiting in line for your morning coffee!

In these situations, the right question can be the key to breaking the ice. A few words can be the start of an extraordinary conversation and the beginning of a lasting relationship. So, don’t let fear and nerves paralyze you and deprive you of communication.

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One way to avoid getting too confused is by being at the wheel of the conversation. Talk about the topics you are most familiar with. Ultimately, the primary goal of a language is to achieve communication, and in this case, we want to achieve it through conversation.

Speech is one of the bridges to achieve that connection – so here are some questions you can ask to start a conversation and enhance your speaking ability.    

How to start a conversation in Spanish

Imagine you’re at a crowded bar on a sweltering summer evening. You turn to the person next to you and exclaim, 

“¡Qué calor, ¿no?!” It’s so hot, isn’t it?

This simple remark about the weather serves as a universal conversation starter. 

Suddenly, you’re engaged in a discussion about summer vacations or your favorite cooling drinks. You can also go:

“¿Qué tomas?” What are you drinking?  

Now, picture yourself at a business conference, surrounded by professionals from various industries. You strike up a conversation with someone new and ask:

“¿A qué te dedicas?” What do you do?

This question not only demonstrates your interest in the other person but also provides an opportunity for them to showcase their expertise and accomplishments. As they share their professional background, you find common ground and explore potential areas of mutual interest.


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In a different scenario, you’re waiting for a friend at a café. A stranger sitting nearby catches your eye, and you decide to break the silence with a friendly inquiry: 

“¿Qué esperas?” What are you waiting for?

This question may seem straightforward, but it can lead to unexpected conversations about plans for the day, favorite coffee shops in the area, or shared experiences of waiting in line.

These examples illustrate how seemingly mundane questions can serve as powerful tools for initiating conversation and building connections. So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you’re unsure how to break the ice, don’t hesitate to ask a question. You never know where it might lead.

More starter questions

¿Vienes mucho aquí, o es la primera vez que vienes? Do you come here often, or is it the first time you’re here?

¿Vives cerca? Do you live close by? 

¿Qué tal tu comida? How’s your food?  

Obviously, it always depends on the context you find yourself in, but with the right question, you can turn a chance encounter into a meaningful connection.

Paulina Gerez is a translator-interpreter, content creator, and founder of Crack The Code, a series of online courses focused on languages. Through her social media, she helps people see learning a language from another perspective through her fun experiences. Instagram: paulinagerezm / Tiktok: paugerez3 / YT: paulina gerez 


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