This 2019 Corvette is valued at 567,000 pesos. This 2019 Corvette is valued at 567,000 pesos.

2 McLarens, 2 Lamborghinis among luxury vehicles at weekend auction

Nine airplanes will also be sold at the two-day event

The federal government says seven luxury cars are among the goods that will be sold this weekend at the next narco-auction.

They are among 644 lots on the block at the “mega-auction” at the Los Pinos Cultural Center, in Chapultepec Park, on Saturday and Sunday.

“Seven luxury vehicles stand out: two McLarens, two Lamborghinis, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari and a Corvette,” said Ricardo Rodríguez Vargas, director of the Institute to Return Stolen Goods to the People.

One of the McLarens has been valued at 3.6 million pesos (US $187,000). The vehicles are expected to sell for prices ranging from 560,000 to 3.5 million pesos, and their total value is estimated at 20 million pesos.

“There are 644 lots. Right now we’re presenting twice what we usually do . . . so we’re doing the auction in two days,” he said, adding that it will be “the mother of all auctions.”

This 2018 McLaren 720S is valued at 3.61 million pesos.
This 2018 McLaren 720S is valued at 3.61 million pesos.

There will also be nine airplanes for sale, of which a Learjet 36A stands out with a value of 19 million pesos (US $987,500).

“This airplane can be used for flights of 10 or 11 hours, air ambulance flights, as an air taxi or for business trips,” said Rodríguez.

Rodríguez said the event will also auction off jewelry and houses that were presented but not sold at previous auctions. They will now be sold at a discount.

“The institute has had a very good reception from the public. We’ve done well selling the vehicles, the jewels as well. The real estate has been more difficult to sell, but we’re selling it.”

He said that houses in Sinaloa that are up for auction will be sold at a discount, while the bidding for those in Santa Fe, Mexico City, will start at 14 million pesos (US $727,000).

The full list of lots can be seen at the auction website (in Spanish).

President López Obrador reminded the public that the funds collected will be used for public works projects, like highway work in Durango and Guanajuato and paving roads in mountainous regions.

Source: Reforma (sp)

The Learjet Model 36A.
The Learjet Model 36A.
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