The scene of yesterday's accident in Chiapas. The scene of yesterday's accident in Chiapas.

25 migrants killed in truck accident in Chiapas

About 80 people are believed to have been traveling in the vehicle

At least 25 Central American migrants were killed and 30 were seriously injured when the truck in which they were riding went off the road yesterday in central Chiapas.

About 80 people were traveling in the three-tonne cargo truck on a highway near the town of Francisco Sarabia when the vehicle left the road and rolled over, according to local Red Cross director Isidro Hernández.

State police and the military secured the scene of the accident to look for injured migrants who might have fled the area to avoid being caught by authorities. Hernández said it was very likely that many others who had not been hurt in the crash had also escaped.

The attorney general’s office said the migrants, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, crossed into Mexico from Guatemala near La Mesilla, Chiapas.

From there, they traveled via truck on a route seldom used by migrants to central Chiapas.
Officials said that they had gathered information about the victims in order to contact their families and begin the process of returning their remains to their loved ones.

Though many Central American migrants have been traveling across Mexico in large caravans for safety, many others hire traffickers and are transported in crowded and unsanitary conditions in cargo trucks on their journey north.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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