Aid for flood victims in a Tabasco warehouse. Aid for flood victims in a Tabasco warehouse.

2,500 tonnes of aid is being distributed in flooded Tabasco

The Usumacinta River has risen to record-high levels and is expected to rise further

State and federal government entities say they will distribute more than 2,500 tonnes of provisions over the next few days to communities affected by severe flooding in Tabasco.

The army, the navy, and the state’s Civil Protection agency say they have already given out 72,000 individual packages of food and other supplies to affected residents from a staging center in Villahermosa. Trucks are shipping out oatmeal, beans, powdered milk, sugar, and other nonperishable foods divided into large plastic garbage bags for distribution.

Members of the armed forces are also helping to evacuate people who live in the vicinity of the Usumacinta River in southeastern Tabasco, particularly in the municipality of Tenosique.

Areas throughout southern Tabasco have been flooded for over a month now due to Hurricane Eta and heavy rains from two cold fronts. The Usumacinta has risen to a record 12.87 meters, nearly three meters above a level considered critical, forcing more evacuations of people around the river to temporary shelters. Officials believe the river will soon rise even higher.

The federal government has declared 17 Tabasco communities to be in a state of emergency.

tabasco floodwaters
It’s been a wet month in Tabasco.

At the staging center, two buildings have been converted into warehouses, receiving supplies from the federal government and private Mexican donors and international sources. A navy spokesman said they have received 150 tonnes of supplies from a federal government fund as well as from donations by countries like Spain, Turkey, Germany, and Argentina.

“Everything here is being taken to the affected municipalities,” he said.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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