Crocodile in the surf on Thursday afternoon. Crocodile in the surf on Thursday afternoon.

3-meter-long crocodile spotted on Acapulco beach

It was the second croc sighted in the area this month

A crocodile measuring more than three meters long was spotted at the Pie de la Cuesta beach in Acapulco Thursday, putting tourists and residents on high alert.

According to reports, the crocodile came out of the water at around 4 p.m. on Thursday, pausing for a few minutes on the beach while people snapped photos before retreating back into the surf.

Civil Protection personnel and firefighters were summoned to the area to search for the crocodile but were unable to locate it, and they suggested that residents and tourists in the area be extremely cautious.

The beach where the croc was spotted is close to Coyuca Lagoon where fresh and saltwater meet and currents may have pulled the reptile out of its natural habitat and into the sea, which often happens when the sandbar gives way.

This is the second crocodile sighted in the area this month. A crocodile that attacked and ate a stray dog was captured on September 7.

That was the 10th crocodile spotted in the municipality in recent months.

So far no one has been injured by crocodiles on the beaches of Acapulco, but in July a six-year-old boy was attacked by a crocodile in Ixtapa when he and his sister were playing near El Palmar beach and wandered away from their parents.

As the boy played near a fenced-off area under a bridge, a female crocodile with young grabbed him by the head, dragged him into the water and tried to drown him for approximately 10 minutes, biting him in the head, arms, chest and legs.

He was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. 

Source: ADN 40 (sp)

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