Friday, December 8, 2023

Artists and hot dogs give Mexico 3 new Guinness records in a single day

Three new Guinness World Records were added Sunday to Mexico’s ever-growing list, two involving drawings and the third a very large number of hot dogs.

Artist Alejandro Rivera Cañas succeeded in creating the largest drawing in the world made by a single person, a piece measuring 289.08 square meters.

Wanting to create something that identified Mexico and would have an impact around the world, he chose the Monument to the Revolution, a Mexico City landmark that commemorates the Mexican Revolution, to be the theme of the piece.

It consists of 17 individual canvases that were created in eight to 20-hour sessions over two months.

Along with the iconic monument, the artist added “elements that attract children’s attention . . . and waves that represent nature, space, the marine world and imagination itself, among others.”

Surrealist themes like a flying bull, a unicorn, a UFO and a dragon join the waves of creation and imagination in Rivera’s work.

The Monument, and the extensive Plaza de la República where it stands, was chosen as the venue to showcase the monumental drawing, where Guinness World Records representative Carlos Tapia Rojas certified Rivera’s win.

The second record was awarded for the largest number of people participating in a color-by-numbers drawing. It was set by 1,119 people.

The hot dog record was set in Zapopan, Jalisco, where the 1,417-meter line of hot dogs won the record for the longest such line in the world, outdoing Japan’s 2016 record of just 325 meters.

A team of 100 people prepared the 10,000 hot dogs required, garnishing them with 100 kilograms of tomato sauce, 100 kilos of mayonnaise and 75 kilos of mustard as 2,000 hot dog-lovers watched — and presumably ate five apiece at the conclusion.

Guinness judge Raquel Asís explained that each hot dog must contain one sausage, at least two garnishes and the size of each one must not exceed 18 centimeters.

An organizer said a full year of planning went into the event, which was undertaken because “we know that people in Jalisco like hot dogs.”

Source: Notimex (sp)

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