yalitza aparicio Her name is popular among parents of newborns.

In México state, 46 babies have been christened Yalitza

The name of the Oaxaca actress, star of Roma, will live on for a long time

After a year of non-stop accolades and media attention, the cultural impact of Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning film Roma is also being felt in a more permanent way: in Mexico state this year, a total of 46 girls have been named after Yalitza Aparicio, the actress who plays the movie’s protagonist.

The state government registered a surge in newborns christened Yalitza starting in February, the month in which the actress was nominated for an Academy Award. In March alone, 13 baby girls were given the name Yalitza by parents in the state.

Regina Cayetano Narciso of Loma Vicente Guerrero in Jiquipilco said she chose the name Yalitza because of her admiration for the actress, whom she hoped would serve as an example for her daughter.

“I liked [the name] a lot; my parents helped me choose it. I hope that [my daughter] is exactly like the actress, that she is humble like her and that she helps others like her, and above all, that she finishes school and that she puts God first.”

María de los Ángeles Dávila Sánchez, director of the Civil Registry of Jiquipilco, said the phenomenon was a positive one.

“This is the name of a very famous person who has made us look terrific as Mexicans, and we hope that [Regina Cayetano’s] little girl is as famous and as wonderful a person as [the actress],” Dávila said.

Chimalhuacán was the municipality with the greatest number of Yalitzas, followed by Valle de Chalco, Tenancingo, Nezahualcóyotl, Coatepec Harinas and Villa Victoria.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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