The cemetery was submerged by the Bacurato reservoir. The cemetery was submerged by the Bacurato reservoir.

A cemetery is revealed as reservoir water levels recede in Sinaloa drought

Terahuito cemetery was flooded by a dam built in the 1980s

A cemetery that was submerged by the construction of a dam has reappeared from the depths of a reservoir in Sinaloa due to severe drought.

The graves at the Terahuito cemetery were submerged when the Bacurato reservoir, known officially as Gustavo Díaz Ordaz reservoir, was built in the 1980s.

One of the largest in the state, the reservoir is at only 11.2% of its capacity, according to a report by released Monday by the National Water Commission.

Fisherman and tour guide Félix Pérez Castro shared photographs and a video on social media which quickly garnered attention.

The images show a desolate landscape with dispersed tombs and crosses where past generations of the town were buried.

The mayor of nearby Sinaloa de Leyva, María Beatriz León Rubio, visited the reservoir to see the effect of the drought. “It is sad news. Look how the the water level in the reservoir is going down, being pulled down by the drought that we are seeing in the whole municipality,” she said.

“Faith is the bigger than any other thing, and we hope to God that the rains will arrive very soon and that we can once again see the richness of the Bacurato reservoir which a lot of families benefit from,” she added.

Terahuito’s community was was relocated to the municipality of Guasave when the reservoir was built.

Bacurato is used for sport fishing sea bass and the the commercial fishing of tilapia.

Drought in Guanajuato has led to the reappearance of a 19th-century church. It too was left underwater by the construction of a dam.

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