One of eight of the new planes in the Aeroméxico fleet. One of six of the new planes in the Aeroméxico fleet.

Aeroméxico takes Boeing 737 MAX out of service after crash

The Mexican airline has been operating six of the new planes

After the deadly crash that killed all 157 people aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight just minutes after takeoff Sunday from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aeroméxico is the latest airline to ground its Boeing 737 MAX planes.

The aircraft was the second new Boeing 737 MAX to crash in five months. The first was Lion Air Flight 610, which also crashed just minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia, killing all 189 people aboard.

Aeroméxico announced that it will temporarily take all six of its Boeing 737 MAX planes out of service pending more information about what caused Sunday’s crash.

The airline said in a statement that it has used the aircraft to fly to destinations including Lima, Bogotá and Monterrey during the past year. But for the time being all flights previously serviced by the new model will be covered using other planes in Aeroméxico’s fleet.

The company said it will remain in contact with the manufacturer and corresponding authorities until the investigation into the latest crash is concluded.

Boeing has delivered 330 of the new planes and has orders for more than 5,000 more.

Aviation authorities in at least 10 countries, including China and Britain, have grounded the planes.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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