The albino gray whale sighted off the Baja coast. The albino gray whale sighted off the Baja coast. Manuel González

Albino whale spotted and filmed off Baja California Sur

It was the third sighting of an albino whale in the region

An albino whale has been spotted off the coast of Baja California Sur, a rare phenomenon that was caught on camera.

While the Baja whale watching season is in full swing, albino specimens are quite rare in the region and the March 3 sighting by Manuel González is believed to be the third in the last decade.

Federal environmental authorities recorded the first sighting ever in 2008, nicknaming the albino gray whale Galón de Leche (gallon of milk).

In 2017, there was a second sighting: Galón de Leche had given birth to an albino whale that has been since nicknamed Costalito de Sal (little sack of salt).

Authorities have not confirmed whether the latest sighting is Galón de Leche, its calf or a new specimen altogether.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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