Doña Victoria was introduced to Amazon's virtual assistant. Doña Victoria was introduced to Amazon's virtual assistant.

Amazon Alexa delights 75-year-old when it responds to request to recite the rosary

Victoria González encounters an Alexa for the first time

A senior citizen in Veracruz was thrilled this week when she discovered that Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa could recite the rosary, a set of Catholic prayers.

Victoria González, 75, lives in Xometla, La Perla, near the Pico de Orizaba, where there is no internet service.

So a device such as Alexa is foreign to some people, including González: “I went to my granddaughter’s house … And she said, ‘Do you want to say a few words to Alexa?’ Then I said, ‘Who is Alexa? Is she the daughter of my friend Rosa?’”

After an explanation, González decided to put the assistant to the test and requested that it recite the rosary. She was delighted when it did.

Meanwhile, her granddaughter Dalia took a video and uploaded it to social media platform TikTok, where it attracted more than five million views.

“As my grandmother is very spontaneous, I decided to upload the video … We never imagined the impact it would have,” Dalia said.

González explained that although she was impressed with Alexa, she wouldn’t be able to use it at home. “I would like to have one, but I don’t have internet. Here the only thing I entertain myself with is my TV and the music I play from my radio. I start dancing … to avoid loneliness,” she said.

Whenever she is visited by her granddaughters, she takes full advantage to chat, watch TV or drink a tequila and dance. “God made me like this and I want my granddaughters to be like me in the future, joyful and happy,” she added.

González also thanked all the people who have taken the time to send kind words through her granddaughter’s TikTok account.

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