López Obrador, No. 2 in the world. López Obrador, No. 2 in the world.

AMLO reveals poll showing he has second-highest approval rating

The president is second only to the president of India among 13 world leaders

Professing humility and taking a few swipes at his “conservative adversaries,” President López Obrador was keen to demonstrate his approval rating in comparison with other world leaders on Wednesday, insisting that Mexican news media would never publish the story and that the public should know.

The international data intelligence company Morning Consult ranked López Obrador in second place among 13 world leaders, second only to India President Narendra Modi, as of December 22.

The Mexican leader’s rating on the Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker was 29, the difference between the number of people who approve of his performance and those who disapprove.

Modi, with a rating of 55, has been the top ranked world leader since the beginning of the year. López Obrador also held second place at the start of the year but by June he had dropped to just 16, ranking sixth place among world leaders.

But he has made a slow but steady comeback since then.

The president's rating is in green on the global leaders rating tracker.
The president’s rating is in green on the global leaders rating tracker. morning consult

His current rating on the Morning Consult survey is the same as that on Oraculus, a “poll of polls” that compiles a monthly average of all the principal opinion polls in Mexico.

The president’s December approval rating stands at 61% and his disapproval rating at 32%.

He expressed gratitude for the public’s support and confidence “in spite of the campaign against” him.

López Obrador has frequently used his morning press conference to claim that he has been attacked in the news media more than any other president.

But he he has spent more time attacking the media and his “conservative adversaries.”

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