Mulegé journalist Murúa. Mulegé journalist Murúa.

Baja journalist who had been threatened found murdered

The resident of Mulegé operated Radio Kashana, a community radio station

A 34-year-old Baja California Sur journalist who had complained of threats against him was murdered on the weekend.

Rafael Murúa Manríquez of Santa Rosalía, Mulegé, was last seen Saturday night and a car suspected to be his was found abandoned the following day.

On Sunday night, the state Attorney General’s office (PGJE) said Murúa’s body had been found at the 40-kilometer mark on the Santa Rosalía-San Ignacio road.

There were several knife wounds on the chest and three packages of what was believed to be marijuana was found at the scene.

In November, Murúa had denounced harassment and threats after writing comments that were critical of the administration of Mulegé Mayor Felipe Prado Bautista.

On November 14 he wrote that he had learned through a municipal official that there was a plan to kill him.

Murúa had been working as a journalist for over a decade, and had recently obtained a concession that allowed him to operate the Radio Kashana community radio station.

Source: El Universal (sp), BCS Noticias (sp)

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