burial with truck The truck is lowered into the grave, left, followed by the coffin.

Baja man had little time to enjoy his new truck, so he was buried in it

A large grave was excavated to accommodate the vehicle

It took rather more than a six-foot grave to bury a Baja California Sur man this week: it had to be big enough to accommodate his pickup truck as well as his coffin.

Fisherman Adán Arana of San Carlos, located some 260 kilometers north of La Paz, died after suffering health problems during the last two months.

Those problems, according to local media reports, prevented him from enjoying the pickup truck recently given to him by his son.

So when he died, his son decided the best he could do was bury his father with his truck.

A large grave was excavated in a local cemetery and lined with concrete blocks before a crane was brought in to lift the truck and place it inside.

The final step before covering the grave was to lower the deceased’s coffin into the cargo bed of the truck.

Some observers applauded the gesture but others questioned its legality. Local authorities were unaware of the construction of the tomb, there having been no request for a permit.

But in the meantime Adán Arana rests in peace in his pickup.

With reports from El Universal and BCS Noticias

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