One of Yucatán's existing highway security gantries. One of Yucatán's existing highway security gantries. Another 119 are planned.

Another 3,500 cameras, 6 drones and a plane part of big security push

The Yucatán governor has announced a new security plan for Mexico's safest state

Mexico’s safest state is going all out on its security strategy.

Yucatán Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal presented a new public security plan for the state, which will include 3,527 new security cameras, 119 highway security gantries, intelligent traffic lights, six drones, a specialized airplane and four dedicated boats for protecting the coastline.

The governor said that using the latest and best technology will significantly improve the reaction time of security forces and result in better preventative policing throughout the state.

The specialized aircraft is a stealth plane outfitted with a solar panel that enables it to stay in the air for eight consecutive hours on just 120 liters of fuel. It has infrared security cameras that are capable of spotting people and objects in high definition from 900 meters up in low visibility areas.

The government plans to use the drones to patrol high traffic areas such as city centers, shopping malls, large events and popular tourist areas.

In addition, the government believes the drones could present a unique opportunity to discreetly identify high-risk areas and neighborhoods. To protect the drones while not in use, the Secretariat of Public Security will oversee the installation of specialized hangars capable of withstanding heavy rains, hail and intense sun.

“This program, as well as maintaining a climate of security and peace in Yucatán, will also allow us to stay one step ahead of crime with a police force equipped with the latest technology for air, land and sea.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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