The Magical Town of Huasca will get a new highway link to Real del Monte. The Magical Town of Huasca will get a new highway link to Real del Monte.

Big tourism boost expected with Real del Monte-Huasca highway

The highway will connect two Magical Towns in Hidalgo

Hidalgo Governor Omar Fayyad has announced the construction of a new highway between Real del Monte and Huasca, predicting that it will significantly boost tourism in the region.

State Tourism Secretary Eduardo Baños Gómez said the 15-kilometer highway will improve access to the two Magical Towns, or Pueblos Mágicos.

“This will be an iconic project for our administration . . . and it will help tourism immensely.”

He noted that the highway could increase tourism in the state by as much as 40%.

“I hope that we can start the bidding process before the end of the year, in two or three months,” he said. “This will be a great project, a beautiful highway that will not only help tourism but also various other sectors of the state’s economy.”

The highway will traverse bridges and tunnels through the Pachuca mountains and will reduce travel time between the two towns.

Secretary Baños added that he hopes the federal government will resume funding for the Magical Towns program, which was suspended earlier this year.

Pachuca, the state capital, will host the national Magic Towns fair this month, bringing together representatives from the 121 municipalities across Mexico that have been awarded the distinction.

The country of England will be a special guest at the fair, which is expected to bring 200,000 people to Pachuca, of which 50,000 are expected to visit Real del Monte as well.

The fair takes place October 25-27.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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