DogHero provides an accommodation service for pet owners. DogHero provides an accommodation service for pet owners.

Brazil-based Airbnb for dogs sees rapid growth in Mexico

Online platform pairs dog owners with dog-sitting services

Dog owners look for accommodation options for their pets now have their own special Airbnb in Mexico.

The Brazil-based startup DogHero streamlines the process of obtaining dog-sitting services, putting dog owners in contact with hosts that can look after their pets while their owners are on vacation or at work.

The service launched in 2014 in Brazil and arrived in Mexico last year. Less than 12 months later, DogHero has proved a success, says its co-founder and CEO, growing at a faster pace than it did in its home country.

Eduardo Baer told the newspaper El Economista that the firm is planning to invest US $7 million in Latin America, and 20% of that will be allocated to the service in Mexico.

” . . . We are very pleased with the reception, that is why we decided to invest, because here in Mexico we grew twice as fast as we did in Brazil. For us, this means that we are providing a service that Mexican users like.”

The service is currently available in 11 cities, including Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Cancún, but DogHero intends to expand throughout the country.

The expansion will also bring a wider array of services DogHero has already implemented successfully in Brazil, such as pet insurance and training. Bauer said they are planning to run a trial of those services in Mexico by late summer.

Source: El Economista (sp)

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