The accused in one of his YouTube videos. The accused in one of his YouTube videos.

Cancún lynch mob target gets 37 years for killing attacker

#LordRussianNazi sentenced in Cancún court

A judge has sentenced Russian citizen Aleksei Makeev to 37 years and six months in prison for killing one of his attackers when an angry mob tried to lynch him in Cancún in 2017.

The judge also ordered that Makeev pay 405,02 pesos (US $2,130) in reparations to the victim’s family.

The man was known to locals as #LordRussianNazi for his abusive and racist behavior, which he proudly displayed in a series of videos on his YouTube channel. Makeev had lived in Cancún since at least 2015 and had been employed as a dive instructor, but was dismissed for aggressive behavior toward clients.

Residents’ tolerance finally gave out in May 2017 when Makeev was seen hitting a woman and child in a neighborhood store. Later that same day, when a large crowd converged on his home Makeev stabbed and killed one of his attackers before the throng dragged him out of his house and beat him into a coma.

Makeev was saved by the arrival of police, who manage to subdue the crowd long enough to extract the Russian and rush him to the Cancún General Hospital, where he was treated for a fractured skull, broken arm, blows to his entire body and cerebral bleeding.

During last Saturday’s trial in Cancún, Makeev’s defense argued that he had stabbed his attacker in self-defense. But the state recreated the mechanics of the act itself, proving to the judge that the Russian had used his physical superiority over the deceased to stab him multiple times.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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